Ultimate Veg Box

£30.99 or subscribe and save up to 12%

Experience our Ultimate Veg Box, offering exceptional quality. Carefully curated with 14 of the most popular vegetables. It brings fresh produce directly to your kitchen, transforming your culinary creations and family dinners.

Each box contains

This delightful Veg Box contains: 2kg White Washed Potatoes, 3 Baking Potatoes, 1kg Brown Onions, 500g Carrots, 3 Peppers (Red, Yellow & Green), 375g Broccoli, 500g Mushrooms, 1 Cauliflower, 1 Savoy Cabbage, 1 Pack of Trimmed Green Beans, 2 Leeks, 1 Pack Sugar Snap Peas, 1 Bunch Asparagus & 2 Courgettes

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